Strategy & Execution / by Andrew Galvin

Do you have a strategy that is clear, understood and is being delivered effectively?

Research in a recent Hard Business Review (HBR) reveals that a core issue of an organisations strategy is not the strategy per se – it’s the understanding and execution of it.

Just as consumers cannot be expected to buy a product or service they find confusing, your people can’t be expected to know how to best deliver the strategy if they can’t understand it and articulate simply.

HBR found that repeatedly communicating the strategy through papers, workshops and email does not result in people understanding it.

Similarly they found that executing strategy posed major hurdles – from allocation of resources, inflexible structures and processes, the impact of culture to who is actually responsible.

Simply put, without clarity on what the strategy is, how to simply articulate it and understand the actions required to deliver it, you’re chasing your tail.

Armed with a clear understanding of the what, and the how, your people can start translating strategy into results.